The application for authorisation

In order to be hosted by an approved host family, the young “au pair” young person must have the written authorisation by the minister of family and integration.

In order to be approved as an au pair, the young person must lodge an application to the SNJ using a pre-printed form together with all the requested documents.

The duration of the au pair placement can't exceed 12 months in a row.

Conditions for the authorisation

The “au pair” young person has to:

  • be at least 18 years old and not older than 30 years, which means that the young au pair must not have turned 30 at the arrival in Luxembourg;
  • be resident in a country other than Luxembourg;
  • be holder of a permit giving him/her access, in the home country, to higher education or prove that he/she attended classes up to the age of 17;
  • have basic knowledge of one of the languages spoken by the host family as well as of English or one of the three languages of administration as defined in the Law of 24 February 1984 on the languages regime (Luxembourgish, French or German);
  • provide a medical certificate issued at least 3 months before his/her placement, certifying the “au pair” young person’s ability to perform light day- to-day family duties, including child care;
  • have concluded an “au pair” placement agreement with an approved host family;
  • submit an application for approval to the Minister of Youth by a pre-established form including all supporting documents;
  • must provide a dalcration of honour, proving that the young au pair has no familiary bounderaies with the members of the host family;

Moreover, the young “au pair” is committed to:

  • attend a compulsory information session during his arrival organised by the National Youth Service (SNJ). 
  • comply with laws on the entry and residence of foreigners,
  • attend language classes during the whole term of the placement as a young “au pair”.
  • not exercise any activity in an employed or self-employed capacity during the term of the “au pair” placement.
Validity of the au pair's approval:
The young au pair's approval is valid for the whole duration of the placement agreement signed by the young au pair and the host family. The placement agreement ceases by right at the end of the au placement term, in case of the withdrawal of the hots familiy's authgorization or the withdrawal of the young au pair's approval.
If the host family's authorization is withdrwan, the young au pair's approval remains valid, provided that the young au pair is able to hand in a signed placement agreement with a new agreed family inbetween one month.
The hostfamily which already is in possession of an approval should introduce with every application for the authorization as a young “au pair” the following documents:
  • extended certificate of residence ("certificat de résidence élargi") not older than three months;
  • a criminal record certificate not older than three months for all its adult members at the beginning of the au pair young person's placement;
  • proof that the children who are under six years old have a planned day-care placement for the term of the au pair young person's placement

Refusal or withdrawal of the authorisation

The young au pair's application can be refused if the young person doesn't meet any requirements of grant (see above).

The authorisation shall be withdrawn:

  • when the “au pair” young person has engaged in deceptive practices or has made inaccurate statements to obtain it.
  • when the “au pair” young person does not comply with the conditions or the made commitments on the basis of which the granting of the approval has been submitted.
Important notice:
All the supporting documents issued in a language other than french, luxembourgish, german or english must be translated by a an authoriezd translator in one of the languages of administration or english.