Benefits of the “au pair” young person

The host family is in charge of the following costs:

Monthly charges:

  • pocket money (418€ =1 fifth of the minimum wage)
  • registration for social security
  • provide lodging in a single roorm
  • nourishing the young au pair
  • language classes paid by the family
One-time fees:
  • third party liability insurance
  • language courses
If need be:
  • Cover the costs of an early rapatriaton of the young au pair in case of illness, accident, withdrawal of the hots family's authorization or the withdrawal of the young au pair's approval.
The host family can cover additional costs relating to the au pair placement (for instance: public transport in Luxemburg, residence permit, travel fees), but is not obliged to. It is trongly advised to resolve tohgose arrangements by writing them into the placement agreement.