Processes to be followed to become an “au pair” young person

To correspond to the legal provisions, the young person, who wishes to be hosted by a family as an “au pair” shall begin with the following steps:

  • find a family that fulfils the conditions to host an “au pair” young person.
  • sign an “au pair” placement agreement with the host family. This agreement must include a clause providing that the placement agreement comes into force only if the family will be approved and the “au pair” young person authorised by the Minister
  • hand in a request for authorisation to the Minister of Family on a pre-established form including all supporting document

The application of the “au pair” young person must include following documents:

  • request for authorisation with the demanded supporting documents.
  • the placement agreement signed by the two parties.

For a fast processing of the application, it is strongly advised that the host family hands in the complete application. That means to hand the SNJ the application for authorisation of the “au pair” young person together with the request for approval of the family as the signed placement agreement.

A complete application includes:

  • The host family’s application for approval and the supporting documents
  • The young au pair's application for approval and the supporting documents
  • The placement agreement signed by the young au pair and the host family
Processing of the application:
Only paper applications are admissible. The SNJ retains the right to send back incomplete applications to the sender.
Please hand in copies of the requested documents as handed in documents can't be returnded to the applicant.
The processing of an application can take up to 4 weeks.