Become an « au pair » abroad

The conditions of an ”au pair” placement vary from one country to another.

We stronly advise to catch up beforehand on the formalities and the set conditions on the au pair placement by contacting the ambassy of the country in question before the departure.


It is not excluded that some more or less significal additional inconveniences might surface during the journey trough Europe or other countries.

Luxemburgish citizens have the possibility to ask for assistance from diplomatic mission.

In order to benefit from that assistance in the best possible way, the travelers can declare their departure to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, which will be more able to react properly.

Further information on these steps can be found by taping the link below:

We advise you to get the information about the formalities and conditions of a placement from the consulate of the concerned countries, before your departure.

For further information, we ask you to please contact:

L'agence Nationale pour l'Information des Jeunes (ANIJE)