“Au pair” young person placement agreement

The host family that wishes to host a young person as an “au pair”, has to conclude a placement agreement specifying the commitments and rights of each party, before he/she leaves his/her home country. 

The placement agreement includes the following necessary elements:

  • the duration of the placement term (12 months maximum in a row);
  • the time spent for family duties and the estimated working hours ;
  • the days off;
  • the hosting location and the conditions of housing;
  • the tasks to be fulfilled by the “au pair” young person and the provided means to fulfil them;
  • language lessons for the “au pair” young person paid by the host family; 
  • the amount of allowance agreed upon as pocket money for the “au pair” young person during the complete term of placement (fixed amount corresponding to 1 fifth of the minimum social wage);
  • the mention that the placement agreement is concluded under a condition precedent of the approval of the host family and the authorisation of the “au pair” young person.
You can find the pre-printed placement agreement form below: