Application for approval

In order  to host a young au pair, the host family must have a written authorization issued by the Minister in charge of Youth Affairs.

In order to be issued that authorization, the host family must submit an application to the SNJ using a pre-printed form.

The host family cannot host more than one “au pair” young person at once. 

Conditions of the approval

The host family has to: 

  • have among its members at least one child who is younger than 13 years
  • prove that day care is provided for those children under 6 years during the term of the “au pair” young person’s placement. 
  • provide a criminal record not older than three months old for all its adult members at the beginning of the “au pair” young person’s placement.
  • recent certificate of composition of household and place of residence

The host family agrees to:

  • submit a certificate to the National Service of Youth (SNJ) proving they have taken out a statutory health and accident insurance scheme for the “au pair” young person for the term of the placement
  • take out a civil liability insurance with a duly approved insurer in Luxembourg for the “au pair” young person for the term of the “au pair” placement
  • give the “au pair” young person at least three free evenings per week, in addition to a whole day off per week and two more days off per month 
  • The family gives the “au pair” young person adequate time for cultural improvement as well as to attend language classes.
  • cover the costs for the language classes attended by the “au pair” young person. 
  • board and lodge the “au pair” young person. 
  • provide the “au pair” young person with a separate room and give him/her free access to the house.
  • transfer every month a fixed amount to the “au pair” young person. The amount corresponds to 1 fifth of the minimum social wage and functions as pocket money even if the “au pair” young person might be inactive for a certain time.  
  • take care of potential early repatriation of the “au pair” young person due to illness, accident, withdrawal of the approval or withdrawal of the authorisation of the “au pair” young person.

Validity of the host family's approval

The host family's approval remains valid as long as the conditions for obtaining the approval remain fulfilled. The host family must inform the SNJ about any change in relation to the initially to the SNJ handed in application.The famly that is in possession of an approval must submit for every new au pair placement agreement the following supporting documents together with the application for young au pair: 

  • a criminal record not older than 3 months
  • a residence certificate not older than 3 months
  • a certificate for a daycare for children under 6 years
Refusal or withdrawal of the host family's approval
The host family's application to be approved as a host family can be refused in case of an incomplete application or if the applicant has made false declarations or given false information, or if the conditions set by the law aren't fulfilled. 
The host family's authorizatio shall be withdrawn if the family doesn't fulfill the conditions on obtaining the authorization anymore or if due to it's actions towards the young au pair, might harm the mental and physicla health of the au pair.
The host family's authorization shall also be withdrawn in case of no respect of the commitments set  by the placement agreement.