Processes to follow in order to become a host family

In order to meet the legal provisions, the family, that wishes to host a young person, as an “au pair” shall begin with the following steps:

  • Submit an application for an approval as an au pair host family using a pre-printed form, including all supporting documents
  • Look for a young person that fulfills the conditions to become an “au pair” young person in Luxembourg. 
  • Sign the "Au pair placement agreement" with the “au pair” young person.
  • Make sure that the young au pair submits an application for an apporval as an au pair using a pre-printed form, including all supporting documents
  • Registration of the young au pair for social security
You can find further informations on how to register the au pair at the social security on the website of the CCSS by tapping the link below:
You can find all the informations on that website. Please note that the website is edited in french and german only.

In order to garantee a fast processing of the application, it is strongly recommended that the host family lodges their application to become a host family together with the application of the young a pair at the same time.

The application file includes:

  • The application of approval and the requested supporting documents. 
  • The application of authorization and the requested supporting documents. 
  • The placement agreement signed by the two parties.
Note: All incomplete applications will be returned to the sender.
Processing of the application:
Only paper applications handed in by post mail can be accepted. The SNJ retains the right to return all incomplete applications to the sender.
Please hand in copies of the requested documents as once handed in, documents can't be returned.
The processing of an application can take up to 4 weeks.